good hand studio

Projects completed by our students.

Birthday party totes

Freya’s messenger bag

Julia’s tool apron

Echo’s wall-pocket organizer

Tula’s and Priya’s duffle bags

Siri’s llama

Ruby’s llama

Sam’s and Silas’ pants

Ruby’s owl

Brynn’s self-designed dress

Malia’s penguin

Francis’ and Eleanor’s fox pillows

Alison’s kimono jacket

Pajama pants. Brothers Atticus and Grady

Anna’s Halloween dress

Anna’s llama

Brynn’s perfect purse

Haila’s and Marlowe’s tote bags.

Kate’s jumpsuit overalls

Siri’s patchwork fox pillow

 Eleanor’s messenger-style purse

Eleanor’s messenger-style purse

Siri’s kimono jacket with Charley Harper fabric

Trees for a tree

Lauren’s jumpsuit

Kate’s llama

Kate’s embroidered pillow

Silas’ and Sam’s improv patchwork art

Tula’s and Priya’s bunnies

Sam’s pillowcase

 Francis’ zipper purse

Francis’ zipper purse

Drawstring backpacks. Sam, Caroline and Silas

Caroline’s Christmas tunic

Maia’s jumpsuit overalls

Freya’s Tote Bag

 Sandra’s baby jacket

Sandra’s baby jacket

Benny’s self-designed “short-alls”.

Atticus wearing his sunhat.

Daniella’s summer dress.

Audrey’s and Caroline’s wallets

 Ena’s skirt

Ena’s skirt

Anna’s button-front skirt.

Maia and Anna with their duffle bags.

Audrey’s messenger bag.

Siri’s Penguin Backpack

Tiny patchwork wristlet pincushions.

Summer rompers. Maia and Rose

Daniella’s drawstring backpack.

Froggy-hued stuffed penguin.

Kimono-style tunics. Siri and Wren.

Trick-or-Treat bags. Maddie, Ellie, Eleanor, Brinley.

Ruby’s bunny.

Kate’s messenger bag.

Brinley’s wall-pocket organizer.

Ellie’s patchwork scarf.

 Benny’s one-of-a-kind rainbow hooded cloak.

Benny’s one-of-a-kind rainbow hooded cloak.

Siri’s dress with little pockets

Comfy pants. Hazel, Hannah and Ruby.